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Hierarchical Groups

An extraordinary feature "sub-group" allows to create and chat within a sub-group without knowledge of other members.

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New User Suggestions

Provides power to Admin whether to add a suggested member in group or not. Group members can also enjoy "suggestion" feature.

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Chat service

Chat with your friends and family using messages, images, emojis and share your locations as well as contacts with them.

About App

Connect with your friends and family with an exciting app anywhere at anytime.

M Chat is a unique chat application, that can be used to communicate within organizations, schools, associations etc.

The biggest difference between M Chat and other chatting apps, is the feature of Groups and Sub Groups. If a message is sent to a group, members of the sub group will also get the message. This is important as you can create hierarchical groups and send messages to all sub groups by send it to the parent group. Useful or Associations, Alumni Associations, Chamber of Commerce, Clubs etc.


"M Chat" a full powerpack of mind-boggling features and great design.


Groups within Groups

This new amazing features allow you to create new groups within main group and chat within without knowledge of other main group members .


Unique Design

Designed exclusively for creating hierarchical groups rather than creating and managing separate main groups.


Customize Profile

App allows to you to create a profile, update a picture, status, email, phone number etc


Suggest a user

M Chat gives you opportunity to suggest a new member to admin to add in group but gives Admin the power whether to accept or reject the request.


Optimized App

An app optimized enough to provide you fast access to all services and to introduce you with best user experience.


Easy Download

Download this exclusive app from Google Play Store and witness the awesome features.

Unique | Awesome Features | Efficient


Introducing you to an amazing app.

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You can download amazing app M Chat from Google Play Store.

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